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The entire LifeTec team enjoy working to improve the wellbeing of others whilst delivering a personal and caring service. Our team of professionals work closely together to ensure the best choices can be offered to those wishing to maximise independence in their lives.

Our team of health professionals include occupational therapists, speech language pathologists and a physiotherapist across our offices in Brisbane, Ballina, Hervey Bay, ToowoombaTownsville. Supporting our front line services is a dedicated team of management and service staff that ensure a high level of service and accessibility is always maintained.

LifeTec offers a positive working environment, encouraging a culture of continual professional development and the take-up of fresh new ideas and innovative technologies. 

Interested in how our staff can help you? Have a closer look at their profiles below.

Executive Management Team

Chief Executive Officer

Photo of James

James Barrientos

James is passionate about change. He knows change doesn’t always guarantee improvement, but it does guarantee its possibility.  The opportunity to contribute to positive change in peoples’ lives through assistive technology is one of the biggest rewards for James in his current role of Chief Executive Officer of LifeTec Australia. ‘To be able to play a part, no matter how small, that benefits peoples’ lives is both personally fulfilling and a key motivator for me’.
James has spent over 20 years managing health organisations at a high level. His early career as a medical prosthetist-orthotist also provides him with a sound understanding of clinical governance. In addition to his position of Chief Executive Officer at LifeTec Australia, James is also a co-owner and director of two private companies in the corporate sector. This has helped LifeTec to employ contemporary business principles to ensure our continued viability and optimisation of public funds.

Executive Services Manager

Karin Schuhmann

Karin trained as a Physiotherapist and has a long history of working with people with diverse abilities to achieve a life characterised by active participation. Her foundations of practice include person centred, strength-based approaches which lead to greater autonomy and choice for individuals. She promotes knowledge translation in all areas of her work and is committed to change that is innovative and sustainable for individuals as well as organisations.   Her career spans working  across Government departments including Communities, Health and Education as well NGO’s and tertiary education facilities.

In her role as Executive Service Manager, she enables the Clinical Services Team  and the Consumer and Sector Engagement team to achieve quality outcomes  and her commitment to building a capable and engaged workforce also sees her head up our People Resources unit. Karin is interested in building work environments that are sustainable and responsive to the needs of people with diverse abilities and actively encourages participatory approaches and reflection to achieve these outcomes. 

Management Team

Photo of Jenny

Jenny Velkovic - Finance & Administration Manager

Jenny joined LifeTec in 2006 and has held many roles since joining the LifeTec team. Her keen interest in business and finance led her to the role of Senior Finance Officer where she is responsible for coordinating LifeTec's finances and accounts. In her previous roles she provided training and support to the Client Services Officers and continues to enjoys providing support to all staff, assisting them to problem solve, and reach their goals. Jenny is often involved in project work at LifeTec offering her expertise in financial management, ensuring projects run to budget. Jenny’s studies started out in Psychology and she would like to look at post graduate studies in Business and Financial Management. Whilst working at LifeTec Jenny has seen some amazing therapy and assistance dogs that assist people with disabilities in so many ways. So much so, that Jenny began the long and difficult process of getting her Airedale Terrier accredited as a therapy dog. 

Photo of Scott

Scott Green - Services Manager - Queensland South

Scott joined LifeTec in 2008 and has learnt a lot about assistive technology since then, becoming passionate about the difference it can make in increasing a person's functional independence. He thoroughly enjoys going out into the community, meeting a diverse range of people, liaising with organisations and spreading the word about how LifeTec's services and assistive technology can enhance people's lives.

Scott is a Justice of the Peace (Qualified), has a Bachelor of Social Work Degree and an Executive Certificate in Event Management from the University of Technology, Sydney. He has previously worked in Community Development Teams at three Queensland Councils, for Social Services in the UK, and for community organisations including Oxfam Australia and The Australian Red Cross.

Photo of Tony

Tony Baird - Business Development & Marketing Manager

Tony brings a determination in raising the level of services offered at LifeTec and focuses on the provision of new and innovative ways for a wider range of people to access them. He also works to promote our public profile and strengthen our partnerships.

Tony is passionate about providing people of all abilities with the opportunity to live a safe and functionally independent life through the use of assistive technology. Tony has tertiary qualifications and over 16 years of experience in marketing and business management.


Photo of Chris

Chris Sweeney - Services Coordinator

Chris has worked for over 20 years as an occupational therapist. She has many years of experience working in paediatrics and with people with a diagnosis of cerebral palsy.  Chris has a passion for working with people with complex support needs and loves the challenge of working with people to find the right solution, whether that be for mobility, accessing a computer or controlling devices around them. A successful solution can mean the world of difference for independence and participation. As a senior occupational therapist, and now in her new role as services coordinator, Chris provides practical and clinical support for our wonderful team of health professionals and client services officers. 

Photo of Desleigh

Desleigh de Jonge - Consumer Engagement and Research Coordinator

Desleigh de Jonge is an Occupational Therapist with over 25 years clinical experience and 12 years of teaching and research at the School of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences, The University of Queensland.  She has been a member of the LifeTec team since 2013. Desleigh's interests centre around consumer engagement and the way in which technology and environmental design can be harnessed to enable people with differing needs to lead full lives and achieve their goals. She also oversees LifeTec’s research agenda and collaborates with a number of universities on research projects related to innovative assistive technology design and consumer centred service delivery.

Desleigh is currently working on a number of consumer and sector engagement strategies to improve assistive technology practices and evaluation of outcome.  In this position, she will be consulting with people throughout our community to advance LifeTec’s consumer engagement framework to ensure the organisation continues to meet people’s needs and expectations for services in assistive technology and environmental design.

Photo of Helen

Helen Bates-Wilson - Services Coordinator

Helen is a Occupational Therapist who has a passion for helping people remain or regain their independence and empower them to actively engage in whatever activities they choose. Helen manages the LifeTec Townsville office and co-ordinates the LifeTec Health Professional Services for the North Queensland Region. As well as experience in assistive technology prescription and home modifications, Helen also has experience with upper limb rehabilitation and hand therapy. Helen has a Bachelor of Occupational Therapy and whilst at James Cook University Helen was a recipient of the Judith Trevan-Hawke Prize - Occupational Therapy. Prior to university, Helen spent much of her working career in administration roles and volunteering in the community. 

Photo of Kati

Kati Bulgarelli - Services Coordinator

Kati is currently an occupational therapist and Services Coordinator at LifeTec, with 5 years’ experience in providing specialist information and advice on assistive technologies to older people, carers and people with disabilities. Over this time, she has developed a passion for home modifications and from this, developed knowledge in working with clients to explore the possibilities available to them to help them control the environment around them.  She is also involved in coordinating team of health professionals and services related to the effective implementation of assistive technology. Her expertise in the field of AT has informed her role in complex home modification services, and in acting as a clinical advisor for AT funding schemes. 

Photo of Wol

Wol Thiik - Marketing Coordinator

Wol coordinates LifeTec’s marketing and is responsible for the development and implementation of marketing strategies to increase the reach and uptake of LifeTec services. He joined the LifeTec Clients Services team in late 2013, before taking up the position of Marketing & Technology Innovation Officer to support the delivery of our digital projects. He has developed several guides and resources to assist staff and clients navigate new systems and devices.  His passion for technology and helping others has enabled him to coordinate many digital projects such as the integration of our CRM and website.  

Wol holds tertiary qualifications in Marketing & Applied Sciences with a keen interest in digital marketing and commercialisation. “What I find the most rewarding is working for an organisation that enables independence and safety for people of all ages and abilities to actively engage in the home, work, school and community life”.

Zoe du Cann - Learning and Development Coordinator

Zoe du Cann - Learning and Development Coordinator

Zoë coordinates LifeTec’s Learning and Development programs, overseeing LifeTec’s delivery of face to face training, digital learning and organisational training for corporate partners. Zoë supports LifeTec’s mission to deliver high-quality learning in the field of assistive technology, supporting best outcomes for all stakeholders within the industry. Key areas of delivery include innovative models for learning, and the use of digital technologies to make learning accessible to health professionals, service providers, and people from all audiences across Australia.

LifeTec’s Learning and Development combines assistive technology expertise with clinical experience, and is aimed toward building capability across all levels in the AT industry. Zoë is passionate about accessibility, participation and social justice, and welcomes partnerships from all people in co-designing learning and sharing stories. Zoe is an allied health professional and certified trainer, with qualifications in Occupational Therapy, Psychology and English Language and Literature.

All Staff

Photo of Alicia

Alicia Parry - Occupational Therapist

Alicia has a keen interest in a wide range of assistive technology areas and devices. She enjoys assisting individuals to maintain their independence, participate in meaningful activities and achieve their goals.  

Since graduating with a Bachelor of Occupational Therapy from the University of Queensland in 2009, Alicia has worked in the community, residential care settings, respite and youth housing. Previously, she has worked in vocational rehabilitation assisting individuals, employers and insurers to achieve positive return to work outcomes. 

Photo of Barb

Barb McCulloch - Client Services Officer

Barb commenced working for LifeTec in Feburary 2013.  Barb provides reception and administrative assistance to the Townsville branch.  She is responsible for Workshop Registrations and Conference Management.   She enjoys taking clients around the display and providing  them with advice on their Assistive Technology options. Barb finds it very rewarding to help them find a solution to meet their individual needs.  Barb has over 30 years experience in  administrative roles in Child Welfare, Pathology Laboratories and Hospitals. 

Eva Sykes - Occupational Therapist

Eva graduated from James Cook University with a Bachelor of Occupational Therapy in 2014. Eva previously specialised in rehabilitation for the Australian Defence Force, working with Defence Personnel to get them back to work and ready for deployment. Eva has a range of experience in AT assessment and prescription, home and community access assessments, return to work activities, and also clinical experience in hand therapy and stroke/brain injury rehabilitation. Eva is passionate about facilitating her client’s to achieve their personal goals for a happy and independent lifestyle. 

Photo of Genine

Genine Camilli - Home Modifications Officer

Genine joined the LifeTec team in 2015 after previously working in local government administration for 15 years.  She is responsible for the administration of LifeTec’s Home Modifications Programs which assist elderly people and people with disabilities to remain in their own home.

Genine also provides support to the other Client Services Officers and can assist our consumers by providing information about products and services to help people remain independent and improve their quality of life.

Genine gets great satisfaction from knowing that she can provide help and support to elderly people and people with disabilities to assist them to remain independent and live a better quality of life in their own homes and in the community.

Photo of Jayden

Jayden Moore - Business & Marketing Officer

Jayden joined the LifeTec team in August 2016 as a Client Services Officer before taking up the position of Business and Marketing Officer in early 2018. He is responsible for implementing LifeTec's marketing communications and engaging consumers and the sector. Jayden's areas of interests are data analysis, content management, digital marketing and research. He is looking forward to promoting LifeTec’s brand and the research-informed consumer pathway Imagine, Seek, Choose, Live to ensure the successful uptake and use of assistive technologies.

Jayden has tertiary qualifications in business and marketing and is excited to understand consumer’s needs when selecting assistive technology to offer more valuable services. “Working with an organisation to promote independence, safety and happiness for consumers is one of the key driving factors for me”.

Photo of Jennifer

Jennifer Poppe - Occupational Therapist

Jennifer Poppe has been solving complex everyday problems with people who have a disability since 2010. She has helped a young man to play video games using just his mouth and one finger, consulted with a child and his school music teacher to help him to play the violin for longer, and helped another young man to control his TV, lights, air conditioner and more with the twitch of a toe. Jennifer has presented at seminars, conferences and workshops regarding a range of topics including assistive technology for children, accessible gardening, hoisting and facilitating access to computers.

Jennifer trained as an occupational therapist at the University of Queensland. Since then, she has travelled Australia and the world to complete ongoing training. She has worked with children as young as 2 months to adults as old as 98, with mild to very profound disability. Her expertise has been acknowledged through invitations to present at professional events as well as many repeat referrals from happy clients. She continues to develop and deliver education packages to allied health professionals and the general public around assistive technology, particularly when the technology is used with children or to access computers.

When not in the office, Jennifer enjoys cooking gourmet food, playing computer games and watching movies and anime with her friends. 

LifeTec since 2015. Prior to this, Jennifer worked exclusively in the community with people with a disability, their families, teachers and other important people to provide therapy, coaching, consultation and equipment prescription services. She has also developed and run many workshops, webinars, camps and individualised training programs with great feedback from participants.

Photo of Jess

Jessica Moll - Speech Pathologist

Jessica joined the LifeTec team in February 2017 and she has a passion for supporting individuals who use augmentative and alternative communication (AAC).  Jessica believes that everyone has a right to communication and is excited to support people in communicating their thoughts, feelings and opinions with others.

Since graduating from James Cook University in 2010 with a Bachelor of Speech Pathology, Jessica’s experience has been in supporting children with a range of developmental needs across community and educational contexts.  She has worked in North Queensland and the Northern Territory, and enjoys visiting rural and remote communities to provide information about supporting people with complex communication needs.  Jessica is currently studying a Masters of Rehabilitation (Speech Pathology) at James Cook University and hopes to contribute to the research base around AAC in the future.

Photo of kate

Kate Daniel - Occupational Therapist

Kate graduated from James Cook University with a Bachelor of Occupational Therapy in 2017. Kate had worked in the vocational rehabilitation sector, with a specific focus on readying Australian Defence Force personnel for deployment and daily work, prior to commencing with LifeTec. Throughout her training, Kate has had experiences with paediatric, geriatric, acute stroke and rehabilitation settings. Kate is a passionate therapist who strives to provide quality services to all consumers and enable them to live meaningful and engaging lives. 

Photo of Kathryn Martin

Kathryn Martin - Occupational Therapist

Kathryn is an Occupational Therapist at Lifetec, who joined the team in December 2017.  She enjoys working collaboratively with clients and their families to find the right assistive technology solutions. Prior to working at LifeTec, Kathryn worked for 4 years with people who have experienced vision loss.

Kathryn graduated with a Bachelor of Occupational Therapy from University of Queensland in 2013 and more recently has completed Advanced Home Modification training.

Kathryn is a member of the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Occupational Therapy Network (ATSIOTN) has a passion for improving access to equipment and home modification services for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.

Photo of Katie-anne

Katie-anne Grice - Senior Occupational Therapist

Katie graduated with a Bachelor of Occupational Therapy from James Cook University in 2010. Previously working for an equipment supplier, Katie has had extensive experience in assistive technology across all areas. Katie is a Senior Occupational Therapist at LifeTec, and has enjoyed watching LifeTec grow since she joined the team in early 2013. Over the years, Katie has developed a passion in the areas of home modifications and wheelchair prescription.  She believes that working at LifeTec provides her with a great chance to apply and increase her skills in assistive technology, really making a different in peoples’ lives. 

Photo of Kelly

Kelly Nolan - Client Services Officer

Kelly joined the LifeTec team in August 2017, she is currently working as a Client Services Officer on our front desk. She is enjoying being a part of the LifeTec team and is looking forward to learning more about AT over the coming months. 

Photo of Leanne

Leanne Rasmussen - Client Services Officer

Leanne has extensive customer service experience, having a background in customer service and business improvement related roles to enhance and improve customer experiences.  Leanne is responsible for the administration of LifeTec’s over 65’s Home Maintenance Program, which provides minor home maintenance services for older people living in their own homes, to assist in keeping a client’s home in a safe and habitable condition.

With a passion for helping people, this role provides Leanne with the opportunity to engage with the community and contribute towards making their lives easier.

Photo of Lindsay

Lindsay Nott - Client Services Officer

Having started in the Coorparoo office, Lindsay has been part of the LifeTec team for the past 16 years providing front line administrative and reception services.  

Lindsay also brings a lived experience and provides front line assistance for clients and staff, in addition to presenting in workshops, open days and assisting clients on the display to seek the correct equipment. 


Photo of Matt

Matthew Goyne - Occupational Therapist

Matthew has been employed with LifeTec since 2011. Since this time, Matthew has developed a strong knowledge and particular interest in workplace ergonomics, computer access solutions, manual handling aids, and aids for low vision to increase participation at home and in the community. Matthew also has a developing interest in environmental control to allow clients to take control of their environment at home and live as independently as possible.  Matthew enjoys assisting clients to finding the right equipment solution using a strong client centred approach to match their identified needs and goals.  

Matthew graduated with a Masters of Occupational Therapy Studies from the University of Queensland in 2010. Prior to this, he worked in varying roles including education, administration, environmental studies and work as a carer.

Photo of Michelle

Michelle Swinburn - Speech Pathologist

Michelle joined the LifeTec team as a Speech Pathologist in December 2017. She graduated from the Townsville James Cook University Campus with a Bachelor of Speech Pathology. Michelle is interested in helping everyone communicate to the best of their ability and is enjoying further developing her skills with Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC). She has had prior experience working with individuals who use AAC for communication in their everyday lives, and this has since become a strong passion for Michelle.

Michelle is passionate about helping people find a communication solution that is practical and helps improve their day to day lives. Michelle is looking forward to working with you to explore the options available to address your needs.

Photo of Peta

Peta Booth - Speech Pathologist

Peta believes that everyone has a right to communication, and enjoys working with people who have complex communication needs to find the best augmentative and alternative communication (AAC) solution for them. Peta joined the LifeTec team in March 2016, and since this time she has had the pleasure of supporting individuals across many areas of Queensland through both face to face and telehealth service delivery models. She enjoys bringing information about AAC to people in the community, and supporting people to imagine the possibilities of AAC.

Since graduating from the University of Queensland with a Bachelor’s Degree in Speech Pathology (First Class Honours) in 2011, Peta has primarily worked with adults and teenagers with a variety of developmental and acquired communication needs. Peta brings with her experience from working in an NHS AAC Hub in London, and is continually developing her clinical skills to ensure she provides quality, evidence based services that meet people’s needs. 

Photo of Rebeka Bushell

Rebeka Bushell - Occupational Therapist

Rebeka is an Occupational Therapist with LifeTec and has 6 years disability experience, working across the lifespan with children and adults with a range of disabilities. She specialises in the areas of Assistive Technology and Complex Home Modifications. She loves building relationships with individuals and their families and working towards client’s goals to provide intervention that is personalised. She loves the challenge of working with individuals with complex needs. She also enjoys working as part of a multi-disciplinary team of Speech Therapists, Occupational Therapists and Physiotherapists.

Photo of Rion

Rion Gomura - Occupational Therapist

Rion is keen to enhance community access to assistive technology by providing education and support to health professionals and care givers. He is also interested in exploring the use of assistive technology for people with mental health difficulties. Before joining LifetecRion worked as an occupational therapist in workplace injury management and prevention by supporting injured workers to return to work.  Rion has also worked in inpatient and community settings to facilitate independence for people with physical and psychological barriers.  Throughout his clinical career, he has developed interest in areas such as early psychosis, ergonomics, as well as facilitating education and training. 


Sebastian Caon - Speech Pathologist

Sebastian is a speech pathologist with a special interest area in Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC). Since graduating from the University of Queensland with a Bachelor of Speech Pathology in 2013, he has worked with individuals with a broad range of complex communication needs from across the lifespan.

Sebastian is passionate and enthusiastic about assisting people access their right to communicate about what they want, when they want, and with who they want. Prior to joining LifeTec in 2016, he built up experience working within the disability sector. He strives to find holistic client-centred solutions to enable people to better access the world around them through communication and assistive technology.

Photo of Siddhi

Siddhi Rawat - Occupational Therapist

Siddhi is an Occupational Therapist with over eight years of experience across a range of clinical areas, including within hospital, community and residential settings. Her passion and commitment to her role are reflected through her skills to improve client’s functional abilities through the use of Assistive Technology. Siddhi is motivated to support people’s goals to increase independence for productive and satisfying lives.

Siddhi attained her Bachelor of Occupational Therapy in 2007. Prior to working with Life Tec, Siddhi worked in the community with people with disability, their families, schools and community to provide therapy, consultation and equipment prescription services.

Photo of Staphanie

Stephanie Baldwin - Occupational Therapist

Stephanie joined the LifeTec team in Townsville in October 2017 to follow her passion for helping people ‘find the right fit’  for assistive technology that will enable them to fulfill their goals of independence and participation in daily living tasks. Since graduating with a Bachelor of Occupational Therapy from James Cook University in 2011, Stephanie has gained valuable experience as a product specialist with an equipment supplier and also specialised in providing support to people with spinal cord injuries. Stephanie is now a part of the AT and Complex Home Modifications service team at LifeTec, assisting people to remain living within their home environments through improvements in home design and accessibility.

Stephanie’s love of sports also keeps her busy. She is a keen AFL and cricket player whose talents on the cricket field extend to representation at a national level.

Photo of Talita

Talita Campbell - Speech Pathologist

Talita is a Speech Pathologist who joined the LifeTec team in December 2017. Since graduating from the University of Queensland with a Bachelor of Speech Pathology (Hons) in 2015, Talita had a brief stint working in the Mackay Health Service Rehab team before working for NSW Disability Services during their transition into the non-government sector.

Talita enjoys community-based AAC work as finding the right communication solution for each individual takes time and is best done within their natural environments.

Talita enjoys problem-solving and finding creative assistive technology solutions to help people to achieve their communication goals, and believes that everybody deserves the human right to communicate.