LifeTec: Assistive Technology for Low Vision

Living with low vision can often prevent us from everyday reading tasks or exclude people from engaging in recreational activities that rely on a good level of vision. At LifeTec, we provide a variety of low vision magnification services to help people with low vision live their lives more comfortably. Our occupational therapist is willing […]

Let’s Create A Community At LifeTec, we strive to create a community that recognizes and removes barriers for all individuals. SCHEDULE AN ASSESSMENT HERE. Share This Page: Send Us an Enquiry Not sure what funding is available to you? Have questions on the type of services we can provide? Start your journey with us by sending us an […]

LifeTec Offers Augmentative and Alternative Communication

AAC stands for Augmentative and Alternative Communication. This includes methods to communicate (other than speaking) your needs and wants, share experiences, and participate in social conversation. LifeTec recommends you to go on trial with at least two different options with a Speech Pathologist before choosing the best device for your needs. SCHEDULE AN ASSESSMENT HERE. […]

LifeTec provides the best services for you LifeTec is aware of your specifications. We collaborate closely with medical professionals, community organizations, allied health professionals, and other service providers, as well as families. To assist you in selecting the best services for you. SCHEDULE AN ASSESSMENT HERE. Share This Page: Send Us an Enquiry Not sure what funding is available to you? […]

Functional Capacity Assessments

LifeTec offers a range of assessments that help to identify strengths, challenges and potential. Our Health Professionals will work with you to understand your goals and aspirations, undertake relevant observations and assessments of your strengths and capabilities and explore opportunities for future development.  Areas assessed include mobility and transfers, self-care and domestic activities, communication, learning, […]

LifeTec Provides Services We understand that the journey from someone who needs additional support to someone who benefits from assistive technology services can be challenging. LifeTec provides services that help you achieve your full potential through assistive technology. Our goal is to support you achieving your dreams and making your life easier. You are doing great! LifeTec […]

LifeTec: Vehicle Modification Vehicle modifications may be considered for a range of reasons to allow a person with a disability to drive safely and stow their mobility aids. Vehicle modifications may also be required to allow a person to travel seated in a wheelchair and reduce the risk of injury during transfers. Here at LifeTec, we are […]

Ergonomic Assessment

At LifeTec we can undertake an Ergonomic assessment of your staff workstations and work activities to ensure they are undertaking their work safely and in accordance with Work Health and Safety requirements. LifeTec offers a positive working environment, encouraging a culture of continual professional development and the take-up of fresh new ideas and innovative technologies. […]

LifeTec: Services For Older Australians

ARE YOU OVER 65 OR IDENTIFY AS INDIGENOUS AND OVER THE AGE OF 50? As you get older, staying independent and living in your own home may become more challenging. Sometimes making changes to your home or using assistive technology can allow you to stay safe at home and enable you to keep doing the […]

LifeTec: AT Services For Older Australians

LifeTec offers Allied Health Services for Assistive Technology (AT) aids and equipment for simple and complex health conditions. Our professionals (occupational therapists and speech pathologists) carry out a variety of assessments, trials and prescriptions to create customized and complex AT solutions, including: High end mobility solutions Home integration solutions Communication/ vision solutions Home modification solutions […]