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changes to LifeTec’s Brisbane office in Newmarket

MEDIA RELEASE: Changes To LifeTec’s Service Model

MEDIA RELEASE: Changes to LifeTec’s Service Model

Friday, 31st January 2020

Consumer directed care reforms have resulted in many benefits for consumers and our sector. These reforms have also seen new consumer expectations emerge which have led to many providers, including LifeTec, making changes to their service model to better meet peoples’ wants and needs.

A significant shift we have experienced is consumers’ preference to receive services at their place of residence rather than at LifeTec’s premises. In response we have increased the mobility of our health professionals to enable them to provide more services to consumers at a time and place of the consumers’ convenience. This means that many of our clinical consultations, including the trialling of relevant assistive technology equipment, now take place in peoples’ place of residence. This new approach has resulted in changes to LifeTec’s Brisbane office in Newmarket, which are designed to better meet peoples’ expectations. Although LifeTec will remain in the same Newmarket premises we have been at since 2006, our office will be reduced in size and will no longer provide a dedicated assistive technology equipment display. We expect renovations will be completed by early February 2020. There are no planned changes to LifeTec’s Townsville premises at this stage.

It is important to confirm that LifeTec will continue to provide valuable assistive technology services that have assisted thousands of people achieve their needs and aspirations over the past 40 years. These include LifeTec’s Information Services and Clinical Consultations Services. Our Information Services will continue to assist people obtain expert advice on assistive technology via our information line, assistive technology fact sheets, the National Equipment Database and via education and training programs. Our Clinical Consultation Services will continue to see our experienced and friendly health professionals assist people to choose the most suitable assistive technology to achieve their aspirations via LifeTec’s evidence-based pathway – Imagine Seek Choose Live.

Our friendly staff would be pleased to assist you to live your potential. Feel free to access LifeTec’s services in any of the following ways:

Information Services

Clinical Consultation Services

LifeTec provides specialist consultations in the following areas:

To book a consultation service please contact LifeTec on 1300 543 383 or email us at . Alternatively, you can complete a referral request by visiting us at

We look forward to assisting you achieve your goals and aspirations.


James Barrientos
Chief Executive Officer
LifeTec Australia

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