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Nathan’s Story – Mobility AT Solutions

Nathan has diffuse idiopathic skeletal hyperostosis (DISH), which causes bone spurs to grow around his spine. The condition that Nathan lives with is all-encompassing, so it has limited his ability to move around comfortably and will become increasingly so in his life. Nathan requires mobility solutions to going out and about. Prior to using assistive technology, Nathan faces difficulties in doing things that are even as simple as trips to the park as he couldn’t do the walking.

​Nathan likes to do a lot of cultural activities such as going to the theatre, museums and art gallery. He loves spending time with his nephew and wants to be an active member of his nephew’s life. Mobility aids and devices have enabled Nathan to do things that he would find it very difficult to do or couldn’t do it at all before.


“For some people one solution is perfect for them and it is not the same for other people.”

It’s important to consider the types of assistive technology that one is using every day and how that is going to help you in achieving your goals. Nathan loves to go out and about, attending family socials and it is very important for him to be an active member of his nephew’s life. 

What devices does Nathan uses in enabling him to go out and about?

Nathan is now able to go out and about to do the things he love with his mobility solution.

Due to his condition, it is very difficult for him to go around and about the entire day such as walking around convention hall without a mobility aid. Nathan uses a power assisted wheelchair with the controls coming through the actual rims of the tyres itself, which allows very fine control over the chair. It can be graduated in its power which would enable him to go from a very flat surface to a very steep hill or very rocky area with a great degree of ease. As Nathan can walk less, he uses the power wheelchair more to enable him to do things that he otherwise would find it very difficult or could not do it at all.

Watch Nathan’s story HERE.

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