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Assistive Technology (AT): Empowering Lives

assistive technology - PWD in wheelchair image

  In today’s world, technology isn’t just about convenience or entertainment; it’s about empowerment. Nowhere is this more evident than in the realm of assistive technology (AT). From aiding communication to enhancing mobility, AT has transformed the lives of millions of people with disabilities, opening doors to independence, inclusion, and opportunity. The Global Need for […]

Exploring Augmentative & Alternative Communication

Understanding AAC Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) encompasses a diverse range of techniques, strategies, and tools designed to support individuals with communication challenges. These challenges may arise from conditions such as cerebral palsy, autism spectrum disorder, aphasia, and motor neuron diseases like ALS. Consequently, AAC provides a means of expression when traditional speech is limited […]

Cassandra’s Story

image of cassandra

Cassandra’s Story Brisbane’s Cassandra Grey says having access to the NDIS has been “absolutely life changing”.  At 21, Cassandra, now 23, said her disability came about from a pull to her back muscle on Christmas Eve, 2017. “On Boxing Day, I went to emergency. To relieve my pain, they gave me IV medication and my nervous system […]

Making life goals possible through AAC

Making Life Goals Possible Through AAC After noticing changes in her body and speech clarity, Townsville local Natasha was in her 20’s when she was diagnosed with an extremely rare and progressive condition that affects the brain, spinal cord and nervous system, known as Leukodystrophy. Not about to let her condition impact her independence, Natasha […]

Know your Consumer Rights as NDIS Continues to Rollout

A women smileing while riding a motorised scooter

Know Your Consumer Rights As NDIS Continues To Rollout Australia’s consumer protection agencies are reminding people with disability of their consumer rights as the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) continues to roll out. The NDIS brings extensive change for people with disability and for businesses or providers in the scheme. Since the NDIS began its […]

Home Modifications: Changing lives for the better

2 brothers in the bathroon using assistive technology equipment

Home Modifications: Changing Lives For The Better When mum of six, Kristine Bauman, needed expert help reconfiguring her home to cater for the needs of her two sons with disability, LifeTec stepped in to lend a hand, overseeing a major modification under the NDIS. Jayson, 18, and his brother Leigham, 14, both have a rare form […]

Multiple Sclerosis (MS) exists in my life, but doesn’t control it

photo of ross in a wheelchair

Multiple Sclerosis (MS) Exists In My Life, But Doesn’t Control It For the past 28 years, Ross has lived with multiple sclerosis. If you ask him however, Ross would tell you that it exists in his life, but it doesn’t control his life. “NDIS funding has given me the opportunity to maintain my health as […]

Wheelchair Hoisting Solutions: Big Lift for Nikita

Wheelchair Hoisting Solutions: Big Lift For Nikita Nikita Bennett is a remarkable young woman who has lived with a mild form of Cerebral Palsy since birth. Nikita has been using a wheelchair on and off since she was about 11 years old. At that young age, she says she felt that the chair made her […]

Assistive Technology Solutions For Independence

Image of jake on a 2 wheel trike

Assistive Technology Solutions For Independence As the NDIS rolls-out in northern Queensland, people with disability will be able to decide where and how they want to invest the funding support they receive from the Federal Government. This type of person-centred care has been designed to encourage people to make their own choices about the support they […]

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