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LifeTec and Our Services

If you have assistive technology in your plan, require assistive technology, or finding everyday tasks difficult and think that assistive technology may help – LifeTec can assist you! We can find assistive technologies based on your identified need or can work with you to advise you where assistive technology may assist in achieving your goals. […]

LifeTec Australia

LifeTec Australia is a service-driven social enterprise with 40 years’ of experience partnering with people to find practical solutions to everyday activities. It is our mission to help people of all age groups, abilities and diagnosis realize their potential through assistive technology. Assistive technology has supported and will continue to support millions of people to […]

LifeTec: Why Consider Home Modifications?

A house is a dwelling a person lives in, but a home is a place where people feel comfortable and safe. For many people, inaccessible environments highly impact their independence. Modifications to your house can create physical environments to enable people experiencing challenges to remain living in their home for longer by maximizing their independence […]

Assistive Technology and the NDIS

WHY CHOOSE LIFETEC? We will work with you to: Imagine the possibilities that AT can provide Seek the information and advice that your require Choose the best option for you Live successfully with your AT We are a registered NDIS Provider for: Dedicated AT assessments and prescriptions Set up and training in the use of […]

LifeTec: Reminder

We are always on the lookout for a caring, passionate and motivating environment for everyone. LifeTec wants you to pause and celebrate how good and strong you have been. Take time to remind yourself that you are worthy and capable. Contact LifeTec to see what options are available to you: Click Here. Share This Page: […]

Fundamentals of Assistive Technology

It is critical that consumers be provided with accurate information about their assistive technology options, and the right level of support in accessing AT. This skills training package has been developed for the valued role that community care workers provide in supporting the AT journey for people with disabilities. This four hour workshop has been […]

Start your assistive technology journey with LifeTec!

Start your assistive technology journey with LifeTec! People with complex communication needs have their own AAC journey and it’s important to have all the right information to make decisions about what this journey may look like under NDIS support. Contact LifeTec to see what options are available to you: Click Here. Share This Page: Send […]

Technology Assistive And A Meaningful Life

Do you know of people who could benefit from new technologies to lead a meaningful life or to participate in their community? JOIN US IN WORK SHOPPING THE OPPORTUNITIES AND CHALLENGES OF ASSISTIVE TECHNOLOGY FREE 2-HOUR PRESENTATION FOR COMMUNITY CARE PROVIDERS Overview of new technology opportunities Digital stories of technology use The AT journey: stories […]

We Believe In Your Capabilities

Here at LifeTec we believe in your capabilities and wish the best for you. Our team of professionals work closely together to ensure the best choices can be offered to those wishing to maximize their independence in their lives using assistive technology services for augmentative and alternative communication, mobility, vehicle, home and workplace modification, plus […]

LifeTec: What Services Do We Offer?

WHAT SERVICES DO WE OFFER? IMAGINE/SEEK – This appointment gives you the opportunity to dream big, explore the possibilities, identify your goals and find out about the range of AAC solutions available. CHOOSE – When you are ready to acquire an  AAC solution, we can offer: comprehensive communication assessments organize AAC to trial support your […]

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