LifeTec has an active research program and partners with a number of universities to support and undertake quality improvement and research projects which explore:

1. AT and home modification service delivery
2. Experience of consumers of selecting and using AT
3. Awareness and uptake of AT and home modifications
4. Innovations in AT and home modifications
5. Outcomes of our information, education and clinical services


This pilot project is designed so that people with a physical disability can collaborate with therapists, carers, makers and other volunteers to improve digital participation in ways that matter to them.


LifeTec and the University of Queensland invite people with Dementia for a study to investigate how smart technologies can support people to live well with dementia at home and in the community.

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Bed Mobility and Transfers

Do you want to be able to transfer from your bed safely and easily or without assistance? Do you want to make the task of turning over in bed or moving up or down the bed easier? Getting in…

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