Education Videos

1. Assistive Technology for the Bariatric Population

During this online video, we will discuss working with bariatric clients, and consider why it is essential to ensure independence, dignity and comfort in everyday activity. We will explore factors and issues to consider when prescribing bariatric assistive technology.

2. Switching it on! An overview of available switches 

For individuals with very limited movement or uncontrolled movement, options for controlling the world around them can be very limited. Trialing and selecting the correct switch can open a world of possibilities including wheelchair control, environmental control, communication and computer use. 

3. Assistive Technology for the New Parent

Becoming a new parent can be a challenging time, but did you know that there is a range of assistive equipment available that can make life easier? In this video we will explore the range of AT available for new parents to assist with caring for their child.

4. Assistive Technology for Photography

Stability is very important when taking photos but what are the ways we can get around it so that we do not have to be supporting the camera? In this video, Dennis walks us through the different types of aids and equipment we can get access to out in the market.