Ambient Living Display Centres

LifeTec's Ambient Living Display Centres are replica living environments (of living, dining, kitchen, bathroom, bedroom and office areas) that allow people to see, trial and experience how assistive technology can be used in everyday life. By visiting, people are able to identify solutions which address their needs when browsing through a range of assistive technology products.

Featured within the Display Centres in Brisbane and Townsville are Smart Homes which are fitted with both high and low level technologies. These include a universally designed floor plan accounting for reaching spaces and turning circles for a person in a wheelchair, ergonomically designed furniture, non-slip flooring and visual cues for people with dementia or vision impairment. There is also an integrated personal alarm system and a simple telehealthcare system which has been set up for visitors to trial for free. See how easy it is to set up your home to remain independent.

LifeTec continually reviews and upgrades the Display Centres to showcase the latest technologies, bringing better healthcare to the community. Suppliers are encouraged to contact us if they wish to have their products on display.