Telehealth Services


LifeTec’s telehealth platform provides people with an alternative path to our existing range of professional services, which is especially important in a large decentralised state such as Queensland. Telehealth is used by LifeTec to provide education, training and support to staff across our centres in Brisbane and Townsville and to extend the reach and accessibility of our services to clients across Queensland.  Our health professionals utilise mainstream web-based and portable video-consultation technologies to provide information, expert advice, training and support regarding assistive technologies to clients and service providers in metropolitan as well as regional and remote areas. These innovative technologies afford improved access to our specialised services and allow LifeTec to promote the health and wellbeing of people in their own community.

They offer greater convenience and empower people to be active in the search for solutions to maximise their safety, independence and participation in the community. By providing specialist telehealth consultations, we have reduced wait times throughout the whole process from assessment, recommendation, implementation and follow up for our clients.

Telehealth services available include:

  • Information on and demonstrations of assistive technologies
  • Specialist allied health consultations
  • Professional mentoring and support
  • Education & training for community members and people working in the sector

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LifeTec is continually investigating how to improve and expand our telehealth services and is working with a range of community organisations, researchers and consumer groups to build capacity throughout the sector. To find out more, please watch our video which highlights this aspect of our organisation.

For further information contact:

Desleigh de Jonge Karin Schuhmann               
Consumer Engagement & Research Coordinator Services Manager
07 3552 9011  07 3552 9013
Skype ID:  lifetec.telehealth Skype ID: lifetec.karin.Schuhmann