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Inspiring Story of Mark

Assistive technology has come a long way and has made some major improvements over the last 30 to 40 years that have allowed people with low vision and who are blind to access information independently.

​Mark has a built-in screen reading component on his phone as well as a screen reader that is installed onto his computer that allows him to access the information that is displayed in a way that he can listen to the content. Mark also uses assistive technology that helps with the identification of products and labels, which he uses to mark food products etc. To get around safely and effectively, Mark uses a white cane which would allow him to find obstacles. Other pieces of assistive technology that he uses are global positioning service apps or specially made devices that allows him to know where he is at any time.

“The best part of my life now with the assistance from assistive technology is the ability to say I have options now that are available, and being able to say if I want to explore something, I can with assistive technology.”

       —Mark Muscat

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