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Alternative access means accessing or controlling things in an alternative way. For example, if you find it hard to use a touch screen, you might find it easier to use a joystick, keyboard or eye gaze to control a device. You might also need help to position your own body or the device so that it’s easy to use and won’t cause pain or other problems later.

Usually, alternative access solutions help to control some form of computer technology – for example, computers, iPads, smartphones, smart home devices or powered wheelchairs.

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LifeTec works with you to advise you where assistive technology may assist you in achieving your goals. 

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We can find assistive technologies based on your identified need or can work with you to advise you where assistive technology may assist in achieving your goals.

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Here at LifeTec, we have structured the consumer pathway to allow clients to be be in control and well-informed of the solutions that are available to them.

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