Consumer Consultations

People with disability and health professionals are invited to our conversational consultations about assistive technology. Join the co-design conversation as we hear from people who use assistive technology about their experiences.  Health professionals will have the opportunity to listen to people’s lived experience, as part of a co-design process. This will help in developing training for health professionals on working collaboratively with people with disability to explore AT options.

We’d like to know more about what people with disability want from a health professional when selecting and using assistive technology.

What would you like in a new partnership with health professionals when you:

•             IMAGINE what is possible

•             SEEK information on what is available

•             CHOOSE the best device for you

•             LIVE with the assistive technology

Watch the LifeTec News and Events page for upcoming consultations.

Please contact David Swift if you would like further information.

1300 885 886 or 07 3552 9000