Dementia and Technology - A Story Telling Project

Would you like to share your views on technology?

This project is about making short videos about living with dementia and using technology. We are looking for as many people as possible to share their views on technology.

What are these stories about?

These videos will help the Australian sector understand more about what technology can offer people with dementia and their families. It is important to us to understand what matters to you, and what kind of support you would like with using technology.

Who can make a story?

We would like to hear from people who have dementia and are living at home. We would also like to hear from family members, care partners or service providers who provide support to someone living at home. Services and support providers are also welcome to contact us.

Do I need to be an expert technology user?

No, you don’t need to be an expert on technology. We would like to hear from everyone, including people who don’t use technology. We would like to understand what it is like, including all the good and bad stories about how technology has worked for you.

What can I talk about in my story?

These stories are about your experiences of living at home with dementia, and using technology. Here are some of the things we’d like to know about:

Do you use any technologies? What are they helpful for? If you don’t use technology, what are your feelings about it? Do you have any concerns? Is technology difficult to use, manage or troubleshoot? Who helps with using technology?

What kinds of technology do we want to hear about?

Any technology you use that helps you manage your day. Here are a few examples of technologies that you might have tried, or have views on:

Everyday technologies like: Mobile phones, iPad, tablet or internet, computers or programs, apps to plan your day or help you to do things, or any technology to play music, relax, organise photographs, or keep in touch with others.

Health, safety, or home technologies like: Medication organisers, clocks, personal call buttons, pendants or watches, automatic lighting or other appliances around the home, GPS watches or pendants, or health technologies.

How will I make my story?

You can make a story that is as short as two minutes, or longer if you prefer. We can make the stories in many different ways. Some people may not want to be on video, but there are other ways to share your views.

You may want to write your views down, and we can record the message for you

You may want to record just your voice

You may want to make a short video of yourself using your phone or tablet

Or you may want our Brisbane videographer to come and meet you, to capture your thoughts on video.

We will work with you in whichever way you feel comfortable. Our researcher will help you prepare and talk through what you would like to say, and can help with recording your story.

Do I need to be from Brisbane to participate?

Anyone can participate, but we will only be able to provide a videographer to people in Brisbane. You can participate from anywhere else in Australia by recording your own message, video, or writing a short piece about your views. We can help with questions about how to record your message.

Will I be paid for my time?                                                                                                                                           

We may be able to offer a voucher or discuss an arrangement that covers your time and costs.

Will my information be private? Who will see these stories?

We will not share any personal information, including your name, address or any other details. The stories may be seen by anyone and will be available to the Australian public on websites or education resources.

There are other ways to share your story which will not be recognisable. We can discuss that with you if you prefer.

Can I see examples of these stories?

We are making the first round of stories now. Please contact LifeTec to see the finished stories in future.

What will the outcome of the video story be?

We are developing these video resources to provide education to the Australian sector on the role technology can play for people living with dementia. The videos will be used as educational resources for people to understand the impact technology has on the lives of those living with dementia, their care partners and families. 

Who is running this study?

This study is an approved research study, conducted by LifeTec Australia and researchers at the University of Queensland. This project has received approval from UQ Human Research Ethics Committee (no. 2017001871)

To participate or for any questions you may have, please contact us on:

1300 543 383 or email