LifeTec brings Assistive Technology and Accessibility Solutions to the Garden City

LifeTec Australia will be celebrating the opening of the new LifeTec Access Point in Toowoomba, Queensland on Thursday the 1st of June from 4.30pm – 6.45pm. The Access Point is co-located with Aidacare and is situated in the heart of Toowoomba’s CBD at 259 James Street. The access point will allow people to access LifeTec’s information services without traveling to Brisbane, with the aim of helping people from all walks of life to keep doing the things they love and remain in their homes for longer and safer.

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James Barrientos, CEO of LifeTec Australia announces “We’re excited about the benefits LifeTec’s Toowoomba Access point will bring people in the Darling Downs and Southwest region. It will provide an opportunity for people to imagine and explore the possibilities enabled by assistive technology (AT), choose correct solutions to achieve their aspirations, and learn ways to optimise benefits of their chosen AT in everyday life. We’re also pleased that the Access Point will deliver a new sense of convenience for people when accessing local AT expertise”.

The official opening of the Access Point will provide people with the opportunity to meet LifeTec’s health professionals and learn about our range of AT services available. After the official launch, our health professionals will be hosting a short interactive AT tour where they will demonstrate some AT solutions such as alternative computer access, communication devices, smart assistive technology and AT for children.

The Access Point incorporates a consultation room and Skype facilities for people to talk directly with LifeTec health professionals or to have a virtual tour of LifeTec’s comprehensive Newmarket AT display centre at any time of the year.

LifeTec is a social enterprise that provides dedicated assistive technology services. Our aim is to enable people of all abilities to live to their full potential in home, work, school and community life. Established in 1981, LifeTec are the leaders in applying assistive technology and accessibility solutions to the lives of people with disability. LifeTec has a team of health professionals including occupational therapists, speech pathologists and physiotherapists who have a passion for AT.

With Consumer Directed Care programs such as NDIS and My Aged Care available from the 1st of July, people will be able to choose where and how they want to invest their funding support. This includes funding for AT. This type of person-centred care is designed to encourage people to make their own choices about the support they need to live their potential.

Visitors are welcome to visit the LifeTec Access Point Monday to Friday 8:30am to 4:30pm, to find out more about LifeTec, visit or contact us on 1300 543 383.



Official Launch / Interactive AT Tour

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Interactive AT Tour

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