Jennifer Poppe

Jennifer Poppe
Occupational Therapist

Jennifer Poppe has been solving complex everyday problems with people who have a disability since 2010. She has helped a young man to play video games using just his mouth and one finger, consulted with a child and his school music teacher to help him to play the violin for longer, and helped another young man to control his TV, lights, air conditioner and more with the twitch of a toe. Jennifer has presented at seminars, conferences and workshops regarding a range of topics including assistive technology for children, accessible gardening, hoisting and facilitating access to computers.

Jennifer trained as an occupational therapist at the University of Queensland. Since then, she has travelled Australia and the world to complete ongoing training. She has worked with children as young as 2 months to adults as old as 98, with mild to very profound disability. Her expertise has been acknowledged through invitations to present at professional events as well as many repeat referrals from happy clients. She continues to develop and deliver education packages to allied health professionals and the general public around assistive technology, particularly when the technology is used with children or to access computers.

When not in the office, Jennifer enjoys cooking gourmet food, playing computer games and watching movies and anime with her friends.

LifeTec since 2015. Prior to this, Jennifer worked exclusively in the community with people with a disability, their families, teachers and other important people to provide therapy, coaching, consultation and equipment prescription services. She has also developed and run many workshops, webinars, camps and individualised training programs with great feedback from participants.