Katie-anne Grice

Katie-anne Grice
Home Modifications Service Coordinator (Occupational Therapist)
Training: Access Consultant

Katie graduated with a Bachelor of Occupational Therapy from James Cook University in 2010 and has been with LifeTec since 2013. Over the years, Katie has developed skills in co designing assistive technology and home modifications solutions that enable people to live their potential. Having delivered these services all over Queensland for the past 4 years, she has developed a high level of experience and capability in creating accessible solutions for people within their homes and loves sharing the impact that this has on their lives.

In her role as Services Coordinator for Home Modifications, Katie has created a learning pathway to mentor LifeTec OT’s to develop their skills. She also supports builders through an onboarding process to ensure everyone is working together to find the solutions that best meet the consumer’s needs.

Katie has recently acquired a Diploma in Access Consulting, which will provide exciting new opportunities to influence and inform more accessible design across homes, workplaces and communities.