About LifeTec

LifeTec is a social enterprise that provides dedicated assistive technology (AT) services. Our aim is to enable people of all ages and abilities to actively engage in home, work, school and community life. Established in 1981, LifeTec has a team of health professionals including occupational therapists, speech pathologists and physiotherapists who have a passion for AT.

Our strategic purpose is to connect people and communities through assistive technology to enable their aspirations. To achieve this, LifeTec:

  • Works directly with members of the community to solve individual problems of access and independence;
  • Raises community awareness and understanding of how assistive technology can be used to overcome obstacles in everyday life;
  • Educates health professionals on the application of assistive technology;
  • Seeks to extend the amount of people this service can reach by using and researching current innovation and technology;
  • Contributes to the development of assistive technologies by identifying community needs; and
  • Advocates for communities to acknowledge and remove barriers to access and independence for individuals.
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Bed Mobility and Transfers

Do you want to be able to transfer from your bed safely and easily or without assistance? Do you want to make the task of turning over in bed or moving up or down the bed easier? Getting in…

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