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LifeTec works closely with medical professionals, community organisations, allied health professionals and other providers of similar services as well as families.

When we work with referring professionals our goal is always to ensure the best outcome for the consumer through the use of the best assistive technology solutions.

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If you have a referral, contact us or fill out the below form. To help us in getting back to you sooner, please provide us with as many information as you can in the form below.

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LifeTec can work with you to find the assistive technologies that are best suited for you based on your identified needs.

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Do you require a communication device?

If your goal is to communicate, we can support you to get the right communication device for your needs.

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LifeTec is dedicated to help both the elderly and their loved ones to explore the different options that enable them to remain living at home for as long as possible. 

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If you have a referral, contact us or fill out the form so we can be on this journey together.

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