As a recognised leader in the provision of assistive technology information and advice, LifeTec is keen to share its expertise with others – locally, nationally and internationally. We regularly participate in and host expos, education and product information events. Staff have also presented at a number of local events and conferences.

LifeTec offers a range of resources that are available for you to download. Please check regularly for updated and new information, or subscribe to our service to receive updates as they are developed.

Dementia & Smart Technology

‘Smart technology: living well with dementia’ is aimed at a simple understanding of smart technologies and how they can support people living with dementia to live well at home.

Fact Sheets

This pilot project is designed so that people with a physical disability can collaborate with therapists, carers, makers and other volunteers to improve digital participation in ways that matter to them.


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Visit our FAQ page to find out about assistive technology solutions, home modification, independent living services & more.


Great Gadget Videos

Great Gadget presentations have been an important tool used by LifeTec to highlight the many types of assistive technology available to help people live safer and more independent lives.

Today's Fact Sheet
Bed Mobility and Transfers

Do you want to be able to transfer from your bed safely and easily or without assistance? Do you want to make the task of turning over in bed or moving up or down the bed easier? Getting in…

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