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Complex Home Modification

Are you in need of home modifications to enhance your independence and safety?

LifeTec’s team of occupational therapists specialises in assessing and coordinating such modifications. We collaborate with you to maximse your home’s suitability by altering its structure, layout, or fittings. This practice aligns with NDIS’s strategy of facilitating solutions for participants. We offer both minor and major modifications to:

To further support our clinical practice in this area, we also recognise the importance of builders in co-designing
solutions for participants and have developed a “builder onboarding program” that assists builders to understand
how to work in this industry. We have found the shared learning has resulted in increased capability across our
team, leading to successful outcomes for participants.

If you are not quite sure what modification you require, we are also able to help you with recommendations on how you can get home modifications into your NDIS plan (needs assessment).


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LifeTec can work with you to find the assistive technologies that are best suited for you based on your identified needs.

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Do you require a communication device?

If your goal is to communicate, we can support you to get the right communication device for your needs.

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LifeTec is dedicated to help both the elderly and their loved ones to explore the different options that enable them to remain living at home for as long as possible. 

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