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assistive technology assessment & trial

assistive technology

assessment & trial

If you have assistive technology in your plan, require assistive technology, or finding everyday tasks difficult and think that assistive technology may help – LifeTec can assist you! We can find assistive technologies based on your identified need or can work with you to advise you where assistive technology may assist in achieving your goals.

Our occupational therapists work with you through our assistive technology IMAGINE SEEK CHOOSE LIVE pathway to ensure you’re getting the most appropriate assistive technology solutions.

LifeTec’s allied health professionals are highly trained in the assessment and prescription of complex assistive technologies and give convenience and peace of mind by offering this service at home, the workplace or even school. Since 1981 we have been recommending the best solutions to help people in achieving their goals.

Our experienced health professionals can offer a range of services that will get you the assistive technology that you need. We also have a range of specialised services such and provide assessments and trial for:


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Do you require a communication device?

If your goal is to communicate, we can support you to get the right communication device for your needs.

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Do you require home modifications to live independently in your home?

LifeTec has a team of occupational therapists that specialise in assessment and prescription of home modifications.

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LifeTec is dedicated to help both the elderly and their loved ones to explore the different options that enable them to remain living at home for as long as possible. 

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