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Frequently Asked Questions


LifeTec’s services are considered essential services by the government. We have the technology and capability to work remotely utilising tele-consultation and we will encourage consumers to utilise this system where they can. This may mean that we engage with consumers, and other stakeholders differently – less through face to face meetings than we may under normal circumstances. Health professionals will follow strict COVID Safe guidelines when providing face-to-face services.

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AAC stands for Augmentative and Alternative Communication. This term describes various methods of communication and may include:

  • High-tech speech generating devices
  • Low-tech communication boards/books
  • High-tech single and multi-message
  • Communication aids
  • Low-tech symbols
  • Unaided systems e.g. signing

We are registered providers of NDIS, My Aged Care, EPC, DVA, CAEATI, NIISQ and MASS. Funding can be used to purchase assistive technologies to support independence.

Subsidy funding for medical aids and equipment is available to eligible Queenslanders with permanent/stable conditions or disabilities. Aids and equipment are subsidy funded either on a permanent loan basis, private ownership or through the supply of consumables.

Founded in 1981 we were the ILC QLD and in 2006 we became LifeTec. We still have a strong association with ILC Australia providing information and advice on assistive technology to enable independence.

We work very closely with disability equipment suppliers who provide a wide range of products. Suppliers are the experts on their own specific brands and product range. They can provide you with a lot of valuable information about the features and operation of their product range. For more info click HERE.

Not sure which form is relevant to you? We have compiled a list of all the forms on our website so you can find and fill up the form at ease.

Access all forms HERE.

Alternatively, reach out to us HERE for assistance.

You can visit the following links and seek for support.

People often use our consultation service to identify and acquire the right AT for their needs. They include assistive technology for mobility, vision, vehicle, seating, computer workstation, ergonomics, communication,  access and home modifications. For more info look at our product page HERE.

Our consumer stories show the amazing work our allied health professionals do at LifeTec. It is important to take note that not all options work for everyone. LifeTec’s passion for matching assistive technology that aligns with our clients’ goals to ensure our clients achieve the best outcome is what set us apart from the others. With the support of our suppliers, government investment, advancement in technology and most importantly the love that we have received from the people we help, we are proud of what we do and what we have achieved to date. 

To effectively implement a home modification, you need an occupational therapist who understands your home and the products that are available. We are expert AT consultants with a long history of providing customised complex home modifications and assistive technology solutions. When working with families or individuals we think of the person we are helping, their environment and the things they do in their home and community.

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Everybody’s situation is different and the overall picture needs to be looked at. Below are a few resources for you to get a basic understanding of the pricing structure:

LifeTec’s Service Offerings Price Guide

NDIS Price Guide

Visit the Independent Living Centre website to browse for products and supplier details.

Here at LifeTec, we provide support services for elderly in Australia. We can provide assistance on choosing the right assistive technology for you, coordinating home modifications and simple changes to your living environment. These services are aimed at enhancing your safety and wellbeing as well as keeping you socially connected and actively participating in the community.

Read more about the resources available to you and the services we provide to the elderly HERE.

Speech and Language Pathology is a term sometimes used to describe what speech pathologists do.

Learn more about the Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) services delivered by our speech pathologists HERE.

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Assistive Technology (AT) is an umbrella term for any piece of equipment, software program or system that provides practical solutions to everyday life activities.

Learn More About the Different Assistive Technologies

Not sure what are the funding options that are available to you? We explain both the NDIS and My Aged Care funding scheme here.


My Aged Care

Take a look at the product database by the Independent Living Centre (ILC) to discover the wide range of assistive technologies that are available to you.

Look at Product Database

LifeTec is a leading provider of AT professional education and training on assistive technology for health professionals, community care workers, organisations, workplaces and individuals that have an interest. 

Look At the Educational Materials

LifeTec has compiled a range of fact sheets that are aimed at increasing your understanding and knowledge on the available assistive technologies and aids for everyday living for you.

Read Fact Sheets 

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