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LifeTec was established in 1981 in Brisbane in affiliation with the Independent Living Centre (ILC) to provide specialist, objective advice and evidence-based, practical information to help make people’s lives easier, safer, more functional and independent with the support of assistive technology. Ever since then our success has been based on our passionate team of staff who get a great deal of satisfaction from improving people’s lives.

Our team of professionals work closely together to ensure the best choices can be offered to those wishing to maximise their independence in their lives using assistive technology for augmentative and alternative communication, mobility, low vision, driving, vehicle, home and workplace modification, plus many more.

Our team of health professionals include occupational therapists, speech pathologists and a physiotherapist. Supporting our front-line services is a dedicated team of management and service staff that ensure a high level of service and accessibility is always maintained.

LifeTec offers a positive working environment, encouraging a culture of continual professional development and the take-up of fresh new ideas and innovative technologies.

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