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LifeTec Australia Video, Photography & Story Consent

Personal information

Please read this information – or have someone read it to you – before signing your name on the next page.

Why are we collecting your personal information?

LifeTec Australia collects personal information to explain and promote government policies, programs, services, events and activities.

We are seeking your consent to collect, use and disclose your personal information and may be used

  • to meet any requirements of government funding for programs
  • to monitor and evaluate existing services and plan for future services
  • to obtain feedback from individuals about their experiences and outcomes
  • to produce annual reports and for research purposes
  • to comply with legal obligations
  • to provide information about LifeTec ‘s services
  • to provide information about relevant industry events and activities

What personal information will be collected?

We are seeking your consent to collect, use and disclose:

  • your photo, and/or
  • a digital recording, audio recording or video recording of you, and/or
  • information to describe your image, such as your gender, age, hair or clothing worn, and/or
  • information about your experience with a program or service, and/or
  • other personal information such as your name and where you live.

How will your personal information be used?

If you sign this consent form, we may use your personal information (including, if you consent, your name and where you are from) in any of the following:

  • printed publications such as brochures, booklets, fact sheets
  • display banners and posters
  • television, radio and newspaper advertisements and other media
  • internet pages (including our website and/or LifeTec’s social media platforms).

We may also share your personal information with other Australian Government departments, contractors working on our behalf and/or media outlets.


If you would like to access any LifeTec Services on an anonymous basis or using a pseudonym, please tell us. If this is possible and lawful, we will take all reasonable steps to comply with your request. However, we may not be able to provide the services in question if we are not provided with the personal information requested.

How will your personal information be protected?

We take our privacy obligations under the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth) very seriously. We will collect, use, record, disclose and store your information in accordance with the law.

Feedback & Complaints

If I have a complaint about LifeTec’s privacy practices or the handling of my personal and sensitive information I need to contact LifeTec’s Privacy Officer on 07 3552 9000 or email

Withdrawing Consent

I may change or withdraw this consent in writing at any time by contacting a LifeTec staff member or the LifeTec Privacy Officer.

Who will own the copyright?

Generally, LifeTec will own the copyright in any photos, digital recordings, videos and other material produced with your information. If you receive a copy of your photo, digital recording, video or other material you won’t be able to publish it without permission from LifeTec.

Access and correction of personal information

If you would like to access or seek correction of any personal information, we have collected under this consent form, you can contact us using the contact details available in LifeTec’s privacy policy.

Privacy complaints

LifeTec’s privacy policy also contains details of how you can make a complaint to us about a breach of your privacy.

Complete the electronic form below or download form Here 

Video, Photographic & Story Consent

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