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Consumer Stories

Assistive technology consumer video stories

We understand the frustration that comes with the struggle of looking for resources to improve your independence and safety. LifeTec is proud to present to you a series of consumer stories with people sharing their journey with assistive technology. Let’s explore the importance of assistive technology in increasing one’s ability to live independently and access the community together.

Are you an active member of the assistive technology community? If yes, we would love to invite you to create a video story with us! Express your interest to share your story HERE.

Opening the doors many paths to many destinations

Cassanda's Story - Home Modification

Dale's Story - Augmentative & Alternative Communication

Mark's Story - Low Vision

Nathan's Story - Mobility Aids

Dementia and Smart Technology

Rita's Story - Staying Connected With Social Media

Rita's Story - Using Internet Banking

Anne Louise's Story - Using a Digital Noticeboard

Helen's Story - Using Sensor Lights

Helen's Story - Video Calling and Telehealth

Helen's Story - Using Online Information to Deal with a Diagnosis

Helen's Story - Using email to communicate and cope with a diagnosis

Smart Technology

Bailey's Story - Mobility, Access and Social Connection Technologies

Mitch's Story - Mobility, Access and Emergency Calling System Technologies

Paul's Story - Exercise and Monitoring Systems

Celia's Story - Home Mobility and Health Monitoring Technologies

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Assistive Technology (AT) is an umbrella term for any piece of equipment, software program or system that provides practical solutions to everyday life activities.

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Not sure what are the funding options that are available to you? We explain both the NDIS and My Aged Care funding scheme here.


My Aged Care

Take a look at the product database by the Independent Living Centre (ILC) to discover the wide range of assistive technologies that are available to you.

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LifeTec is a leading provider of AT professional education and training on assistive technology for health professionals, community care workers, organisations, workplaces and individuals that have an interest. 

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LifeTec has compiled a range of fact sheets that are aimed at increasing your understanding and knowledge on the available assistive technologies and aids for everyday living for you.

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Visit our FAQ page to find out about assistive technology solutions, home modification, independent living services & more.

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