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low vision

do you have vision impairment or limited vision?

Many assistive technologies are becoming widely available to assist people with low vision or vision impairment to maintain their independence and safety in their home, workplace and the community.

Our occupational therapist can recommend the appropriate assistive technology for low vision enabling you to:


If you are not quite sure what vision aids you require, we are also able to help you with recommendations on how you can get vision assistive technology into your NDIS plan (needs assessment).

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Do you require a communication device?

If your goal is to communicate, we can support you to get the right communication device for your needs.

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Do you require home modifications to live independently in your home?

LifeTec has a team of occupational therapists that specialise in assessment and prescription of home modifications.

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LifeTec is dedicated to help both the elderly and their loved ones to explore the different options that enable them to remain living at home for as long as possible. 

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