Assistive Technology Consumer Pathway

Imagine Seek Choose Live pathway puts consumers in control of their assistive technology journey. LifeTec works with people of all ages and abilities through our evidence-informed pathway to ensure that you are in control, well informed about solutions available to you.

Our pathway is simple, structured, effective and very individualised puts consumers in control of their solutions.

By asking a lot of questions to the individual, their families, carers and other support organisations we find all about the individual and their needs and goals. We explore the current roles, interests and lifestyle, as well as what might be holding somebody back from doing things they love.

We match an individual’s needs with our evidenced based pathway to provide the most appropriate assistive technology products, services and solutions. Our goal is to meet, and where possible, exceed the needs of the individual so they achieve their goals and aspirations. We make recommendations that will guide funding decisions for the NDIS and other government funding options.

Our team of occupational therapists, speech pathologists and physiotherapists partner with the individual and their team to assess, trial and purchase the assistive technology products. Once again, the goal is to ensure that the solution will meet the individual’s needs.

Living with the equipment involves making sure there is a plan for implementation, the solution is correctly set up, there is ongoing training, and any troubleshooting is quickly implemented. A schedule for review may be developed into the plan, so there is ongoing support to ensure it is correctly used and any changes in either needs or available options are matched. We mobilise the circle of support, so the team can offer support.

Be part of our support community

One of the reasons for the success of our programs is the community we bring together on every step of the assistive technology journey. The community we have built includes:

Circle of support

LifeTec’s Assistive Technology Professionals

Our professionals will assist you to manage your needs, the new solutions and also the community we have built.

Expert Assistive Technology Users

Other AT users are an invaluable source of information. Their personal experience of the process of AT selection can help locate and utilise local supports.


Suppliers are the experts on their own specific brands and product range. They can provide valuable information about the features and operation of products in their range.

Other Allied Health Professionals

We promote the use of Assistive Technology through our own allied health professionals and other allied health professionals around the country.

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