Home Modifications

Home Modifications are changes made to the structure of your home so you can continue to live safely and independently. They may involve the installation of hand rails, the removal of shower screens, or even the widening of doorways and the addition of stair climbers.


Future Proof Your Home with LifeTec

LifeTec offers a home modification service that includes full occupational therapist reports and guidance as well as the high quality building and construction works. 

Have a talk to one of our occupational therapists about what your needs are and you’ll receive all the advice you need based on how it can suit your lifestyle and what you’re comfortable with. We can visit you for a consultation, or you can come to see us. It’s all up to you. Click on the image below for more details
Free Home Modification Resources: Click Here

Townsville Home Modifications Program

As of 1 July 2013, LifeTec Townsville has been secured to provide the Queensland Community Care Services Program in the Townsville Region to support the elderly and people with disabilities within their home. You may be eligible for funding assistance for up to 50% of the work.

The two programs include:
1.    State funded Minor and Major Modifications
2.    Commonwealth funded Maintenance, Minor and Major Modifications 

To talk to LifeTec staff about the programs:

If you are under 65, please refer contact to : If you are over 65, please refer contact to :
Judy Genine
Phone:   4759 5619 Phone:   1800 996 887



For more information on this program, please read the documents below:

LifeTec Minor Home Modification Program 

LifeTec Major Home Modification Program

Commonwealth funded Maintenance, Minor and Major Modifications  (over 65s)