My Aged Care

We are registered My Aged Care providers and offer Allied Health Services for Assistive Technology (AT) aids and equipment for simple and complex health conditions. Our professionals (including occupational therapists, physiotherapists and speech pathologists) carry out a variety of assessments, trials and prescriptions to create customised or complex AT solutions, including:

  • High end mobility solutions
  • Home integration solutions
  • Communication/vision solutions
  • Home modification solutions
  • Driving and vehicle modification solutions

We understand the bond one has with their home and family. For many elderly people, they cherish being able to stay where they’ve made the most memories. Being able to live in your home for as long as possible is possible with us. We can help both the elderly and their loved ones assistive technology including aids and equipment for around the home, automation options that can alert loved ones when somebody doesn’t turn on a light by a certain time and as well as a number of home modifications and augmentative and alternative communication devices.

LifeTec’s Brisbane Smart Home has recently been updated to include home automation, environment control and teleconsultation options. Our great gadgets series highlights a range of smart technologies that will enable people to remain living at home.

Contact us to understand the types of aged care services that LifeTec offers (including mobility aids) and how they can benefit your life.

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Bed Mobility and Transfers

Do you want to be able to transfer from your bed safely and easily or without assistance? Do you want to make the task of turning over in bed or moving up or down the bed easier? Getting in…

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