Assistive Technology Product Database

In addition to the services we provide LifeTec can recommend and acquire a wide range of Assistive Technology products to support complex needs. Click on the area of interest to be redirected to the independent living centre product database (ILC). The ILC database is a good resource for providing product and supplier details Australia wide.

Aids For Low Vision

For people with a loss of vision or experience low vision there’s a variety of products including magnifiers, large keyboards, electronic readers, screen reading software, artificial vision with facial, text and product recognition to help live an independent lifestyle.

Bathing, Showering and Toileting

Accessing the bathroom is essential and there’s a range of equipment to help people access and use the bathroom safely. We can help find solutions for bathing and showering, including bathroom and toilet grab rails.

Communication and information equipment

Communication is a vital part of everyday life. For people with speaking, reading or listening difficulties we offer solutions such as speech generating devices and voice amplifiers to help get messages across.

Home Modifications

We work with our consumers and qualified builders to install ramps, grab rails, special flooring, home automation systems and more.

Vehicle modifications

Special modifications and speciality vehicles enables both driving and the ability to stow mobility aids/ equipment in the vehicle. LifeTec can recommend solutions for your needs.

Driving Assessments

Any decrease or loss of abilities due to illness, injury, disability or age can compromise your safety and that of other road users. LifeTec can provide assessments and information and advice regarding appropriate driving control modifications suitable for the individual.

Eating & Drinking

Different conditions and impairments can drastically affect the ability to carry out everyday tasks. At LifeTec we can recommend eating and drinking solutions such as bibs, clothing protectors as well as eating systems and accessories.

Lifting & Transferring People

Many options and solutions are available to help move from one position to the next with little effort. There’s a diverse range of lifting and handling aids for carers who help people with transfers such as hoists, bed and bathroom transfer boards and lifts.

Recreation, Leisure & Sports

People with disabilities or impairments deserve to enjoy recreational, leisure and sporting activities. Whether into sports, fishing, gardening or arts and crafts we can recommend the right AT to live an active lifestyle.

Scooters, Wheelchairs & Wheeled Mobility

With our professional health consultations, we can recommend the best and most appropriate mobility aids to assist with transportation needs. This can include wheelchair carriers, powered scooters and more.

Seating, Sleeping & Body Support

For seating, sleeping and body support needs, we have the technology and products to help you rest comfortably. Solutions are available for bed, chairs and support options to allow sleep and the ability to relax in comfort.

LifeTec is equipped to provide complex assessments and recommend the best AT options for the needs of individuals. We’re registered providers under several funding schemes in which you may be eligible for. Get in touch and find out today.

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For all your assistive technology and custom devices and products, get in touch with LifeTec and we’ll help select the right product your needs.

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