Services For Older Australians

Are you over 65 or identify as indigenous and over the age of 50? then LifeTec has a service for you.

As you get older, staying independent and living in your own home may become more challenging.

Sometimes making changes to your home or using assistive technology can allow you to stay safe at home and enable you to keep doing the things you love. LifeTec is here to help you live your potential.

What services can we offer

Learn more about how assistive technology, home modifications and simple changes to your living environment can enhance your safety and wellbeing as well as keep you socially connected and actively participating in the community.

Our friendly staff can guide you in finding the resources and information you need.

What are the costs?

Free Resources

Our information services and interactive display is free of charge for consumers. You can come into our Townsville display, call our 1300 LIFETEC line, or access information on equipment and suppliers on our ILC Australia website free of charge.


LifeTec currently delivers Home Modifications and Maintenance services in the Northern region such as: Minor Home Maintenance (minor repairs around the house including plumbing, electrical, carpentry and handyman services). As well as Home Modification Services.


If you don’t qualify for a funding package and need some help navigating what Assistive Technology best suits you, LifeTec has developed a short 1 hour low cost service with one of our Health Professionals to get you started.

How Do I Get Started?

Are you an older person who doesn’t qualify for a funding package or a self-funded retiree and need some help navigating what Assistive Technology is best for your independence? LifeTec has developed a short 1 hour low cost consultation service to help you get started on your Assistive Technology journey. Eligible MAC consumers can receive up to $500 per year to purchase AT.

Enquire with LifeTec to discuss your options and pathway to access services with our friendly staff.

Contact My Aged Care and get assessed to use government funded aged care services. You can apply for an assessment online or call My Aged Care on 1800 200 422.

If your application is successful, a My Aged Care assessor will contact you to arrange a face-to-face assessment. The assessment will determine exactly what you need and services available to you.

Once you have a referral from My Aged Care, your Service with LifeTec can start!

Today's Fact Sheet
Bed Mobility and Transfers

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